Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Products which DO contain MI and related chemicals

This list is a growing list of things which do contain MI.  I'm trying to keep up to date with the things identified on the FB group for MI allergy, but things are changing all the time, as more and more manufacturers use these chemicals as preservatives to replace parabens.

Look for Methylisothizolinone, Benzoisothiazolinone, Chloroisothiazolinone.  The allergy is to the -isothiazolinone in all it's forms.  Also shown as kathon on labels.

I'm paying particular attention to things you'd think wouldn't have it in, like those labelled hypoallergenic or sensitive.

Fairy Liquid and all P&G washing up liquids
I talked today to customer services at Proctor and Gamble and confirmed that Fairy Liquid, beloved washing up liquid of thousands, contains MI, as do ALL other Proctor and Gamble washing up products.  They tell me that their expert advisor says that people should be able to tolerate MI in a rinse-off product such as Fairy Liquid.  This is a link to their product checker, which allows you to feed in the reference number of a product and find out what ingredients it includes. Please contact companies and tell them that they must replace these chemicals in their formulations.

Pure Derm US
Pure Derm wipes in the US are reported to have MI in.

Surcare clothes washing and conditioner liquids
Contain MI

Surcare sensitive
Despite the hypoallergenic label, this now contains MI


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