Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Products which do NOT contain MI and related chemicals (links)

This is going to be a continually updated and growing list (I hope) of products which do not contain MI and the related chemicals.  

Cosmetics, shampoos, deodorants and moisturisers

All Good Goop
Although the only place I found it was ebay for £15.70 a jar!

Body Shop products
Don't contain MI. Although frankly they have blotted their copybook in my view by jumping onto the Black Friday nonsense.

Burts Bees


Edinburgh Skincare Company
Another small British company which doesn't use nasties in the products

Eyecare cosmetics range
You will find their free-from list on their eyecare page here.

Garnier Ulimate Blends brown with coconut is reportedly safe, but other Garnier products contain MI so check the label.

Green People Company
The Green People company doesn't include MI in its products and hopefully never will.  They produce shampoo and soaps, suncare, toothpaste and make up.

Don't contain MI

Neal's Yard
Neal's Yard products don't have MI.

Organic Surge
Weird name, had to dig deep through a lot of marketing blurb which said nothing much to confirm this is a British company.  They appear to be ethical and created because the founder had allergies.

Washing up liquids

Almat washing liquid and fabric conditioner from Aldi reportedly safe.


Tesco washing up liquid is reportedly safe, but I haven't checked this myself yet.

Clothes washing liquids and powders

It's reported that most powders will be MI free, but liquids and gels may be a problem. ALWAYS read the labels as formulations change!

Co-op non bio ultra gel

Ecover Liquid (not gel?)
Is reportedly free from the -isothiazolinone ingredients.

Ecover Zero

Persil no bio powder

Baby products

Household products


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